Retiring GAA Stars tribute thread - May cause brain damage


Christ that is cringe inducing. I thought Marty referring to him with a giddy laugh as Star Donaghy 10 times a game was bad but this is much, much worse. It’s only gaelic ffs.


Great chance for the unfortunate Ger Cafferkey to regain some credibility now that his prime tormentor has called it a day.


Will David Heaney come back too?


Mercifully we’ve seen the last of David. I spotted him last year in HQ - he looks about 18st.


I also met him at a wedding once. Came across as a sound guy.


Kerry people are generally very affable & sound.


A Kerry wedding is a beautiful thing.


Barry Coughlan, Waterford.


They must be going man for man so


He’ll be back in 2020 when Derek returns




Its a TFK exclusive.


Waterford will be holding trials next and inviting the whole county


What age is he? I’d have assumed he was only a young lad.




Wiki has him 29.


28 this year




He needs to release a retirement statement or a poem on social media


Works in Dublin in a very stressful job in the IFSC.

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