Retiring GAA Stars tribute thread - May cause brain damage


Does anyone in Ballygunner GAA not wiork in big finance ??


Donnchadh Walsh

Serious drain of experience from Kerry. They’ll never win another All Ireland.


An honest plodder. They certainly wouldn’t win an All Ireland if they kept picking him.


Vastly underrated player but his legs had gone. He was a better footballer than Galvin.


A mark of the All Stars that someone like Walsh only got one, and you had the likes of Paul Flynn who couldn’t help picking them up by just showing up.


Sean Armstrong


Dr Tadhg O Sullivan


If they gave All Stars out for tactical fouling on opposing defenders six times a match Donnacha would have 10 of them.




still going live so you’ll have to rewind to start


Kieran is alright.


Change your avatar.

You’re being immature and needy.

It’s unlike you.


Is this an official comm from the boss man?


Another personal attack on the Catholic Church. I didn’t think he’d stoop to blasphemous imagines.


You’d still suck on them you dirty bastard.


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Should I have heard of this lad?


He has two All Irelands and an All Star award.


Anthony Maher, PhD.