Retiring GAA Stars tribute thread - May cause brain damage


The tall lanky lad in midfield that wasn’t David Moran


By all accounts a very bright bloke .


Surprised to see Maher go. Not that old and very much underrated for the most part of his Kerry career. Seems to have injury problems the last couple of years though.


Think he got both hips done


Ya he’s been on the fringe the last few years. Fine player at his peak. Few Kerry lads taking the opportunity to retire, before they are retired i’d say. Also I suppose if you retire after the new man comes in it might look personal


I think they stuck it out because there was a real dearth of talent between that older generation and the players coming through now.

You have the retiring lads now and the likes of Moran, Young etc still there and you have guys now in their late 20s like O’Donoghue, Geaney, Murphy, Crowley, O’Brien etc but there is a huge absence of talent between those lads and the guys just out of minor the last year or two. They don’t seem to have any real decent players around 23/24/25 in the side.

I still think they are another couple of years off challenging.


that is kerrys biggest problem, a non entitity at minor level for 10 years till the latest run coming home to roost


Darren Sullivan may be next up


Minor means fuck all in reality. It’s the u20/21 where the true seeds of senior greatness appear.


Kerry went 20 years without winning a minor from 1994 to 2014. They still ended up as team of the noughties with five All Ireland wins in that decade.


Don’t tell me he’s still knocking around the county senior panel… He’s been past it for 3/4 years now.




yep still on the scene Boxty

but times are achanging




Darran O’Sullivan - One of the last great showmen


Gary Walsh is still playing mate


*One of…

Time flies by in the yellow and green I guess


Lorcan McLoughlin

cc @gilgamboa


I think you mean Lor cawn Mc Lock lawn.

Obviously doesn’t fancy a battle for his place, or maybe Meyler “retired” him


In fairness to the lad he has suffered a fair few bad injuries with his shoulder. Himself and Kearney are very similar type players.