Ridiculous First Names - Male and Female






Anyone here whose name hasn't actually been mentioned yet?


Mine hasn't been mentioned I think.

Jennifer isn't that bad of a name for a chick



Ok, Stephen..*

*How could i forget Stephen, it's ridiculous. I refuse to ever take that name seriously again after the scene with Jim Carrey in Cable Guy.


Jennifer is most certainly not a ridiculous name, lots of sexy women with it shortened to Jenny.


Shortened to Jenny it's perfectly acceptable, but the long version is junk.


How about if it's spelt wrong like, Jenefer?
I know a girl who spells it that way...


Sasha for a boy is pretty shit unless you're living east of the Ural Mountains. I believe it is short for Alexander. Those Russians eh?


had a phone conversation with a lad by the name of Garvan the other day


There was a young lad on TV3 news there talking about his leaving results and what not by the name of Ethan Troy Barnes.....looked and sounded like a complete woofter, but I suppose with a name like that he hadn't much of a chance


Saw that smiley

Heard of a bloke called Plunkett last week.


Was there not a guy on a gaelic football panel called Plunkett Donnelly in the recent past?


A mate of mine has an out of office assistant and the alternative contact is one of the most ridiculous names I've ever heard. Unfortunately we've had one incident already of a forum member being caught out in a work scenario by this thread so I shall not post until I get the approval from said mate.

On birds names I hate, I don't like Louise for some reason.

Birds with names like Kate, Tara, Rachel and Jenny tend to be hot though.


Generally names like Harry, Richard, or George are cunt's names. Anything to do with the monarchy.


Hugo is a totally ridiculous name.


unless your surname is Boss or Chavez....


Used to be in a class with a fella who's first name is Govinda


Agreed. But not when it's O'Flaherty.


Govinda Jaya Jaya
Gopala Jaya Jaya
Govinda Jaya Jaya
Nrsingadeva Jaya Nrsingadeva (twice) (repeat verse)
Gaura Gaura Gaura Hari
Gaura Hari


Donaghy - he played for Tyrone.

Nudie Hughes played for Monaghan - his real name is Eugene which is terrible in itself.