Ridiculous voicemail

if you want to hear the funniest voice message call 410 2316. ridiculous

Is he a junior? Fairly waffles on for a few minutes. I was a touch offended that he assumed I wouldn’t know how to spell Ryan.

he is yeah. i thought it was funny when he says “…however if your query is urgent and you need me to reply to it, please contact my mangager”!!!

I shouldn’t really say this but I know John. I have actually known him since I was four. He is from Leitrim. Good lad but can’t leave a voicemail…

ah its a fookin joke, just listening to it again there. what the fook was he smoking?


I’ve just given it another listen and it’s a disaster. No planning and dreadful execution. Farmer - you might have a word in the lad’s ear.