Riise launches verbal attack on Duff

New Fulham signing Bjorn Helge Riise unleashes incredible attack on Damien Duff and Craven Cottage team-mates

Fulham midfielder Bjorn Helge Riise has launched an astonishing attack on his new Craven Cottage team-mates, with winger Damien Duff singled out as the main target.

Manager Roy Hodgson will demand an explanation from Riise, who only signed for the club from Lillestrom in July for 2million, as to why he made the extraordinary comments to a Norwegian newspaper.

Riise, 26, made the remarks while on international duty with Norway, taking aim at the club’s star players.

But Riise, who is yet to start a game since making his move, saved his heaviest artillery for the Irish ace who is keeping him out of The Cottagers first team.

He said of his new team-mates: 'I don’t think they’ve done all that good. But they have a good reputation and come from bigger clubs than me.

'I came from little Lillestrom in Norway, but players like Damien Duff have a name and status after playing for clubs like Newcastle and Chelsea and is ahead of me.

'I believe I have better qualities and strengths as a player than he does. He has the speed and the experience, and a good shot.

‘But he is not that much faster than I am, and I have a better technique, a better touch and deliver better passes than he does. And I can be used in different roles.’

Hodgson is sure to be angry at the swipe taken by his new signing and will be forced to give Riise a dressing-down when he returns to London on Thursday.

Would imagine his club manager won’t be too happy about that alright. Things like this aren’t really surprising, I mean it’s probably true of every team that lads don’t like each other, and don’t rate each other, but there is never really anything to be gained from coming out with this stuff in public.

His defence:

“Me not know English too right”

Not sure if I’d describe that as an ‘incredible attack’ on Duff.

It’s a better attack than Duff usually puts together

If Riise is anything like his brother then he is shit.


I expect Duff to get upset over this, run at Riise and fall over his own shorts, claiming a penalty/free kick.


Despite his disgraceful dive, Duff was head and shoulders our best player the other night. Inexplicable that Keane got MOTM.

The ball for Keane’s header won the game.

He has generally been excellent for us over the years.

Duff thinks its acceptable to dive, therefore he is an absolute ass.

He really looks to have the bit between his teeth again now, and the vague sense of Hunt competing for a place in the team (even though I don’t personally think he should be in the team) has done him no harm. Hoepfully he stays fit and plays in a second World Cup for us.


Diving is not clever, not clever at all. Duff shames us by his carry on.

It’s not defendable, but one of the reasons why he does it probably has to do with the amount of injuries he’s suffered. I’d rather see him dive than get clobbered and be out injured for 3 months.

Thats the most outrageous defence i have ever heard. He dives instead of taking a belt?
Holy shite Sledge, you can’t be serious?

I rather he never dives to be honest.

I want Ireland to get to the World Cup, and my moral compass doesn’t matter more than that one overarching ambition. As a standalone action, I am not defending it, but I am not as bothered as some other people about it after it’s happened.

So is it ok for Duff to dive to avoid injury, and not for Eduardo to dive to avoid injury?

Funny seeing RTE News after the Eduardo incident looking for some noble footballer to wheel out and speak about the scourge of diving.

They ask Damien Duff!

At least when he was asked he prefaced it with ‘I have been accused of diving on many occassions so I don’t know if I am the best person to ask about this.’

Pretty tame effort. Not sure he’s ever seen Duff shoot or else he must be a woeful striker of the ball himself.

Duff was decent the other night anyway.

No, it’s not “OK” for him to dive. But after it happens, I am not going to foam at the mouth with moral indignation if the odd dive gets us one step closer to the WC. Almost all teams have players who dive, so when it happens the team on the receiving end rarely deserves sympathy. Cyprus certainly don’t anyway.