RIP Hurricane Higgins

Alex Hurricane Higgins died today aged 61 after a battle with cancer. Snooker lost a great one today.

Alex Higgins RIP

:clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:

RIP Alex…if any sportsman deserved the term “Genius” it was him


FFS :rolleyes:

some orange cunt that is good at a victorian parlour game is been described as a genius

An Irish sporting legend.

33% correct

Higgins was a whelp in his day and i’d have had no real time for him. He’s gone now though and i’m not about to start dissing him now…

His brother John and sister Katrina are devastated.

I’ll never forget that epic final when Higgins came back from 7-0 down after the first session to beat Steve Davis in the final frame. An amazing comeback, the stuff of legend.

Ah thats terrible news . RIP legend.


He was from Sandy Row so he must have been a right orange head alright.