RNLI scum


What an odd story


Try hard alert


Surprising how far some lads will go to ingratiate themselves with internet oddballs.


Were you up all night drafting that? Its a very very odd yarn, and very poorly told.


It’s bizarre, the realisation that somebody who has probably just made an error of judgement could be a volunteer that risks his life to save others wouldn’t usually send sane people over the edge. Very very odd.


Should have posted it to “dreams by Choco”.


I don’t know what to make of it, if it’s made up it’s odd, if it’s true it’s fucking insanity and it’s lucky there wasn’t casualties with all the swerving and ‘sticking the car to the roads?’ that was going on, and all because of a sticker for a charity :smiley:


This. Never. Happened.


a belter


It’s almost as if the reader was there. Well written.


A clear victory for the forces of good over evil. The ambush at kilmichael wasn’t pretty either but history can be written by the victor. If you can supply the location and make of the vehicle I would be happy to ask @The_Selfish_Giant to commit the events to a ballad that we can use to taunt all the rnli sympathisers / west brits with.


It was, of course, the vehicle of the quisling, the land rover defender. It happened on the downhill approach to the bloodmill road roundabout on the r527. John Bull exited the M7 northbound and onto the battle field.

I’d like to thank all my supporters. It’s been a difficult morning but you have all, to a man, lifted my spirits. We shall overcome.


This is descriptive fat flaps I’m glad to see the lessons are paying off. A superior improvement on your first granny rant. By the way your left side tail light is out…


@funtime bbc2 now




Post reported.


cc @Funtime

Just had an opportunity to knock one of these cunts down at a Crossing in Wexford town. I hesitated and thought to myself what would a Wexford poster like @Bandage do in this situation. I imagined @Bandage dropping the clutch to mow the cunt down but conking the car in a feeble attempt.
In the time it took to visualize this, the crusty cunt had crossed the road.

Sorry for missing my chance, mate.


@Bandage can’t drive you knobhead.