Rock getting married - bollix

Alright Rock ye prick?

I hear you are getting married. Is Bandage jealous?

Anyway just wanted to wish you bad luck for the day. I hope a bomb goes off in the church or something and kills you.

Meantime I want to give a big shout out to all the shit-for-brains, inbred AFR boggers out there: Hi Puke, Mac, Gman, Dunph - yizzer ma’s are whores

ever see Kill Bill?

Thats what i hope happens at your wedding. Im hard as nails and would take you any day.

You are an extremely extremely boring person and you have a square head.

Alright Puke you leper?

Did you enjoy your holiday to Ireland wanker wang?

well dickfuck…did you ass-rape any toddlers while you were home u fucking sicko…