do you have a decent stream for the Preakness Stakes tonight? You posted an excellent one for the Kentucky Derby, can’t find anything that’s working

do ATR or RUK have this SS**
if RUK then u can watch it on the RP website for 50p a race

Not sure of quality:

good job rocko
betfair website can suffice also

Cheers Mickee, there’s some class of a rights issue whereby they can’t show it online on the RP site. Only Rocko can save me now.

Didn’t you see my post? Not working?

Sorry just seen it now, working great Rocko.

Good race that. Had a little bet on Looking at Lucky to cover the Paddy O’Prada bet but just broke even. Super Saver didn’t really ever look like doing it once the pace came.

fixed that for you mate