Roger Federer GOAT - 20 Times Grand Slam Singles Champion


Ruby Walsh




You forgot Seamie Heffernan.


Not a sportsperson


The Great Man won the Championship without dropping a set. Was he on court for over two hours in any of his matches? Winning in straight sets or four quick sets is the key. Pushing 36 and unassisted by performance enhancing drugs, he tires beyond three sets. That was most apparent in last year’s Championship, when he was physically gone half way through the fourth set against Raonic after he carelessly dropped the first set.

The lighter schedule helps as well. This was just his seventh tournament of the year.


Mirka will get some pummelling tonight.


Whatever about Kildare football, @Nembo_Kid has completely disappeared on tennis matters.


Delighted for Roger, truly the GOAT. We’re privileged to witness this, not only an incredible athlete, but a sportsman and a complete gentleman.


Has Nadal really only won four grand slams outside of the muck and shit in France? :laughing:


The headline that says it all really…


Ah mate, the daily mail? Seriously?


Yes mate.


Martin Samuel is a decent writer, his opinion is valid regardless of who he writes for in his day job


Yep its true


Only time I’ve ever disagreed with my fellow hammer


Frances Tiafoe has really put it up to Roger at the US Open, in the fifth set at 5-3 to Roger with Tiafoe serving.


Roger wins, but an outstanding performance by Tiafoe. Roger as always gracious in victory.


The Great Man getting underway shortly against Tomas Berdych. This could be a tricky one.

Best of luck Roger.


I have mentally prepared myself for the end. He can’t keep going.


You just don’t win Grand Slams at nearly 37. Unless you’re Ken Rosewall and it’s 1972. It’s an incredible achievement at his age to make it to the quarter final.