Roger Federer GOAT - 20 Times Grand Slam Singles Champion


He’s some man, it just shows what healthy living and looking after yourself can do, eating properly.


The old Great Man has broken the Korean kid first game of the match.


Double break for the Great Man 4-1


Third beak and the Great Man takes the first set 6-1



What a man


The Great Man breaks for a 3-1 second set lead.


The GOAT giving the young lad a tennis lesson.


The young lad threw in the towel




Jim Courier is some dullard


Fuck sake.


Federer to win on sunday.


The GOAT had to retire with an injury on Wednesday.


So we have a repeat of last year’s Wimbledon final.

You’d have to feel there will be a different outcome…he couldn’t, could he ?


If you are referring to Nadal, he didn’t have to retire. He chose to.


He was injured, mate.

Showing us he is mortal once again, which truly portrays his greatness.


He’s already the greatest ever but surely at his age he cant pull this off?

Brady and Federer – No country for old men indeed.


I’m not saying he wasn’t injured mate.

But he didn’t have to retire. He could have played through the pain barrier.

He chose to retire. I think the phrase is “threw the towel in”.


Quitter. - That’s the difference between being great and the greatest ever.


Kid, you’re new around here’s so you might not be aware of this - there’s a dedicated thread on Nadal. Run along to that thread now and talk away to yourself.