Roger Federer GOAT - 20 Times Grand Slam Singles Champion


I think Federer will win on Sunday. I can’t see Cilic beating him.


Cilic has caused him problems before. Cilic hammered him in straight sets in the semi final of the 2014 US Open. The Great Man had to come from two sets down to beat Cilic at the Championship in 2016. Mind you in their most recent meeting in the Championship, the 2017 Final, the Great Man turned on a masterclass.


Cilic was injured ffs. I think the Croat wins in four on Sunday. As much as I hate to say it he was going to beat Rafa the way he was playing before the GOAT retired


If he’s anything about him he should be winning in 3.

Roger is almost 37 ffs sake


Nadal knew he was going to lose so he pretended to be injured, that’s what the great John McEnroe reckons.


Sounds like a fairly minor enough injury for Nadal. He’ll seemingly be good to play what was his next scheduled event in Acapulco in three weeks time.


He didn’t want to lose to roger in another final so he faked the injury. :grinning:


Best of luck to Roger this morning. He’s going to need it.


I’d like to echo @GeoffreyBoycott’s post above.

This is Roger’s 1,339th match since he turned professional. Interesting stat below on his previous 1,338. Cc @Cicero_Dandi

Played - 1338
Completed - 1338
Quit/Bottled/Threw in the towel - 0


That’s why he’s the GOAT


Have you noticed that he speaks with an Irish brogue?


Who has the better head to head?


Incredible. The Great Man breaks Cilic in the very first game.




In Grand slam finals?


Federer. Won the only previous meeting in the Championship final in 2017.

Double break for the GOAT here for a 3-0 lead.


Not sure about that



Nadal has the better head to head

23 vs 16

Fed not the GOAT then


Federer leads 8-1 in head to heads.

Cilic only win at the 2014 US Open in the semi final.

The GOAT holds for 4-0.


I’m talking about Nadal