Roger Federer GOAT - 20 Times Grand Slam Singles Champion




Very strange. You’re the only one talking about Nadal so. Nadal is not playing in the final this morning. He threw in the towel in the quarter final last Tuesday and quit on his chair.


Cilic finally wins one. This is probably the beginning of the end for Roger. But it’s been a privilege to see him go so far in the tournament.


I’m pretty sure Tottenham Hotspur have never won a single tennis grand slam either so you’re in for a long morning


Not very strange, @thedancingbaby had a sly little dig at Nadal and the conversation flowed from there


The GOAT wraps up the first set 6-2 in 24 minutes. At 36 and a half, he can’t keep this up, can he?


They have never won the big one either


Superb first set from Roger. 6-2

He couldn’t, could he?


If the PEDs are good enough he will


What sly little dig mate ?




No sign yet of your new best buddy, the new kid @Cicero_Dandi answering the frantic call for help you made about 15 minutes ago. You’re a little boy lost.


No, they’ve never won Wimbledon


The French open is the big one mate


I just thought your stats would be incorrect

They were


Set the record straight so on the Federer v Cilic head to head, if you take issue with what I posted on it.


Nadal has a better head to head , how can Roger Pederer be the goat


Bog tennis


Dustin Brown, the Rastafarian German has the better of the head to head record against Nadal. Presumably applying your rationale, you rate Dustin Brown a better player than Nadal?


Why do these idiots keep bringing the juicer Nadal into the thread about the greatest tennis player of all time