Roger Federer GOAT - 20 Times Grand Slam Singles Champion


3-0 in the 5th


We’ll never see the likes again.


The Great Man holds for 4-1


Double break for 5-1. The Great Man to serve now for a 6th Australian Singles title and a 20th Grand Slam.


5-1 to the GOAT


OMG another break of serve, how does he keep going


Oh My Word. He’s so close


3 match points.


He’s done it!!!


He’s done it!


He’s done it! He’s done it! I’m in tears here.




I’m lost for words. An incredible man. An absolutely incredible man.

Hopefully the batteries will be recharged by the time SW19 comes around



20 Grand Slam Single titles is incredible.

He leads the way in the big one at the Championship outright with 8 and has now jointly won the most in Australia with Emerson and Djokovic (6 times) and at the US with Connors and Sampras (5 times).

The Greatest of All Time. His records and achievements will most likely never be surpassed.


Unrale scenes. There won’t be a cow milked in Switzerland this week.
Is it the greatest sporting achievement of all time?



A true great .


Unreal, really looking forward to Wimbledon now.


Ex poster @Nembo_Kid will surely come back to congratulate the great man


A victory for swiss doctors


Preferential treatment who never seems to get injured Federer won i see.