Roger Federer GOAT - 20 Times Grand Slam Singles Champion


Pederer amazing resurgence continues at the age of 36


I’d imagine he’ll adapt a similar approach to last year, rest up now for a month and play Indian Wells and Miami. Rest up then for 4 months until Halle as the warm up for the Big One.


In other words avoid a tonking in
Paris as he continues to cherry pick his way thru his career


It’s a great day for the cardigans who rig the game


Gillette get what they want


He’s got an Irish accent,


He sure does tackieman.


The French Open is for dullards.


A mud bath for sloggers


I haven’t watched it in 20 years or more, awful shit


The one open which is not made for big serving giraffes.


For plodders.


Winners find a way and losers find an excuse.


it really suits the juicer Nadal, real bog tennis, mullockers tennis


Slow, cumbersome tennis, suitable for stamina merchants like Nadal rather than the sublime skill of the Fed Express.


Through preferential treatment and juicing?

That’s the Federer way.


Tennis that requires more than a big serve, tennis that requires the complete skills range, the complete tactical mind, the grit and the variety - that’s clay court tennis.

Grass and hard court tennis is for the giraffes with the booming serves, you’ll never see Marin Cilic in a clay court slam final, all he has is a big serve - that won’t cut it in Paris.


It’s like playing in Walsh Park


I was over in the tennis club this afternoon. The place was just buzzing. There was only man everyone was talking about.


Roger is Tennis