Roger Federer GOAT - 20 Times Grand Slam Singles Champion


I’m not ashamed to say I teared up when Roger won. There are no words, simply the GOAT


There’s no shame in showing your emotions for the great man. It’s so uplifting to see the GOAT himself be so comfortable in expressing his emotions


You are the embodiment of a Federer fan.

A cardigan wearing, old doddery bore who has his balls kept by another under lock and key.


I actually do own a cardigan. But in the constant 35+ degree heat here it’s not the first item of clothing I choose.




I’ve really enjoyed your insights on the GOAT over the tournament as he cruised to a 20th Grand Slam title.


Officially the World Number 1 again :ronnyroar:


It means so much to him. He is in tears guys


97th career title for the GOAT today with a 6-2
6-2 win over Grigor Dimitrov in the final in Rotterdam.


The Great Man showing signs of his near 37 years losing the final set tie-break to Del Potro in Indian Wells and then losing to Thanasi Kokkinakis in Miami. Thankfully he’s decided to give the muck a skip again this year. Presumably he’ll rest up until Halle in June when proper tennis resumes.


He’s giving the real tennis season a skip I see.


He’s getting ready for the real tennis season from mid June to mid July.


The real tennis is over by then.


Halle = proper tennis . :grinning:
He may as well be playing in his back garden such is the competition


Proper tennnis starts next week with the grass court season in Stuttgart and Rosmalen. The Great Man has confirmed that he will play Stuttgart and Halle as his warm ups for the Championship.

Sir Andy after nearly a year on the sidelines with a hip injury is down to play in Rosmalen and is making optimistic noises about being ready for the Championship.


Field tennis is not proper tennis.

Weeks ago you admitted such with your efforts to paint the British Open as the biggest golf tournament.

You are some contradiction.


I was worried about you this morning when you were confusing Ray Wilson and Ray Wilkins. You really are losing it. What has the Open in golf got to do with tennis?


How did fed get on the French open ?


I’m pointing out your contradictions.

Lawn tennis is not the real tennis Open by your logic.


He bottled it because he has never beaten Nadal in a clay slam.

A loser.