Roger Federer GOAT - 20 Times Grand Slam Singles Champion


Fed is nearly 37 and semi retired at this stage. He’s going to play the big one, the Championship if his body can hold up.


Rafa needle gone


Outstanding to have my countryman in the semi final of the greatest singles tournament in tennis.

Grazie Marco.


Wrong thread. This is the Roger Federer thread. There’s a tennis thread where mud tennis can be discussed.


You’re bottling it from your own views.



You’ve lost me.


You always seem lost when it comes to addressing your contradictions. Senile dementia I think they call it.


Have you sorted out your Ray Wilkins from Ray Wilson in your head yet? Its probably all the clampings and beatings you’re getting here that have you so befuddled.


Weren’t you chastising me a few posts ago for going off topic? That’s your senile dementia kicking in again.


Last week you were confusing Ian Bailey and Ian Brady. Today it’s Ray Wilson and Ray Wilkins. You really should get some help. Early intervention could possibly stave off the worst excesses.


You’re contradicting yourself again.


Can’t wait for the lush green lawns of SW19. :grinning:


So tennis was first played on clay courts?


The French invented tennis.


Yes, they thought muck would be the ideal surface to play tennis on



Classic Fran


British Army Officer, Major Walter Clopton Wingfield invented tennis.


Another lie.


The Great Man back in action this week as the serious business gets under way with the warm ups for the big one. Draw has been made for Stuttgart and its Mischa Zverev or a qualifier first up.


Tough start for Federer in Stuttgart if it is mischa Zevrev. Thankfully the shite part of the season is over now and onto the lush lawns of SW19. :grinning: