Roger Federer GOAT - 20 Times Grand Slam Singles Champion


Bog tennis :smiley:


Some deal for Federer.


It’s Zverev the elder for the Great Man first up. Zverev beat Mikhail Youzhny today. Great to see Milos Raonic and Nick Kyrgios returning tomorrow after injury absences. Both sensibly skipped the French Open and the most of the dirt season to allow themselves the best chance of recovering for the big one.


Thats a tough opener for the GOAT. You will see more players skip the dirt and filth of clay in the future.


Just the cowards skip clay tennis.

Federer will retire having never beaten Nadal on clay at a major slam. He will retire as a coward who spent his last few years opting out of even trying to do it.

You adore a coward.


Nadal quit on his chair against Cilic in Australia. Cowardly carry on.


Nadal was injured.

Federer just bottles out of having to face Nadal on clay. If Nadal misses a French Open then Federer will play.


Pretending to be injured, more like. That’s his usual trick when he loses or is behind. He could learn a lot about sportsmanship and proper tennis etiquette from one of the young guns on tour, Alex Zverev. Battling manfully to the bitter end last week against Thiem after injuring himself early in the first set.


No injured.

Federer on the other hand is a coward.


Nadal is a quitter. Quit on his chair.


Nadal is a warrior.

Federer is a coward.


Warriors don’t quit on their chair.

Warriors play through the pain barrier. Just like Federer did for years with his bad back.


Warriors sometimes have to succumb to their injuries. Nadal is a warrior to still be even playing the game after his injury problems.


The Great Man has lost the first set 6-3 to Zverev the elder. He really looks his near 37 years.


I see the GOAT came back and won the next 2 sets 6-4, 6-2. He was just a bit rusty in the first set. :slight_smile:


The GOAT won the French Open on Sunday, you must be talking about the coward.


At 37… We will never see the likes again. GOAT.


Looks like Nadal is going to give the Grass part of the season a miss. The coward.


Confirmed that Nadal has pulled out of Queens and speculation that he’s going to pull out of the Championship. Applying @Cicero_Dandi standards, this could be viewed as nothing other than cowardice.


Nope he’s probably injured. Federer wasn’t, he just bottled it.