Roma Manchester Bets

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It could be one of the matches of the season at Old Trafford on Tuesday night when Manchester United go to war with Roma. It’s a 7:45 kick-off can guarantee you a profit of at least 40.15 on the match, whatever the result.

You won’t be able to do this if you already have accounts with either of the bookies we are using for this bet but if that is the case, mail us, let us know which accounts you have and we’ll send you an alternative bet.

Also, if the odds have changed since we wrote this article, then the figures here will no longer be valid. If the odds have changed, please let us know and we will rework the bet for you.

We’re going to lay out a total of 121.75 on the Manchester United v Roma match and we will collect 165.00 if it’s a draw at ninety minutes and 161.90 if it’s not a draw at ninety minutes.

Here’s how it’s done. Just follow these simple instructions.

  1. Open an account with Unibet.

Open an account with Betfair. When prompted, enter the promotional code BTE111.

This shouldn’t take you any longer than a few minutes.

  1. Make the following deposits into your new accounts. Deposit 20.00 into your new Unibet account. Deposit 101.75 into your new Betfair account.

  2. Now make the following bets.

Place 20.00 on the draw at (3.50) 5/2 with Unibet

Unibet will then credit your new account with a 20.00 bonus. Place this on the draw at 5/2 as well. You now have 40.00 staked on the draw.

LAY (back against) the draw at Betfair with 37.00 at odds of 3.75. Your liability (what you lose if your bet doesn’t come in) on this bet is 101.75, which is why you need to deposit that amount in your account.

You have temporarily laid out a total of 121.75. I stress, temporarily… Now sit back, crack a beer open and enjoy the match.

  1. Here’s what happens at the end of the game.

If it’s a draw at ninety minutes, you will collect 140.00 from Unibet. You will also receive a 25.00 cashback from Betfair, which is why it is important to enter the correct promotion code of BTE111 when you open the account.

If it’s not a draw at ninety minutes, you will collect 136.90 from Betfair . You will then receive a cashback of 25.00 from Betfair , so the balance in your Betfair acount will now be 161.90.

  1. This means that the worst case scenario on the Manchester United v Roma match is no draw at ninety minutes and you make 40.15 profit. But if it is a draw at ninety minutes, you make 43.25 profit.

  2. It is absolutely vital that you click on the links on this page to open the accounts with the two bookies and enter the correct Betfair promotional code of BTE111 or you may not qualify for the cashback.

Also, before you place your bets, you should check that the odds haven’t changed. If they have, let us know and we will rework the bet for you.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions at all about this bet and we will come straight back to you.

Please note that the free bets and bonuses are valid for new customers only so if you already have an account with one or more of the bookies we are using, you won’t be able to do this. If that is the case, contact us and we’ll mail you an alternative bet using different bookies.

This method of betting was used very successfully during the World Cup and you can read all about how it was done right here.

We guarantee this bet

It’s understandable that some people will not believe that it is possible to do this. “What’s the catch?” I hear you asking. My answer to that question is that we have been publishing arbitrage bets for three seasons now and literally hundreds of people have profited from following the advice on these pages.

Only once has our refund guarantee been triggered and that was when we did all the figures wrong and sent refunds out to those who had followed our advice and made a small loss.

Our refund guarantee works like this. If this bet doesn’t work like we say it will and you end up out of pocket, we will refund your losses. Simple as that.

That means that you simply cannot lose on this, whatever happens and even if we messed up the numbers.

The only stipulation here is that you must click on the links on this page to be eligible for the refund guarantee, not that you’ll be needing to claim anyway. Just enjoy the profit and stay posted for many more of these throughout the season.

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