Roma Thread


Unreal from varane.


Great performance so far.

Defending really well and growing in confidence. Pjanic really needs to offer more, wants far too much time on the ball.


Signing back in.

Cracking half of football.


I love that man.


Florenzi is unreal. What a player.


Ah that is so harsh.

Great goal.


Cristiano. Nuff said.


We don’t deserve that.


Ridiculous defending for the 2nd goal.

Least Totti is on now.


Totti complained about his lack of minutes in an interview yesterday and has been dropped from the squad this evening.

This makes me extremely sad to see two people I greatly respect fall out like this. At the end of the day Totti deserves to be treated with more respect after what he has given to this club. If he was finished or in really poor form or the players ahead of him were doing exceptionally well I would understand but Dzeko who has been a disaster since joining Roma keeps getting picked ahead of him and it seems as if Spalletti is trying to make a point.

The captain deserves more respect and I hope it can be resolved as nobody wants to see Totti’s career end on sour note.


Never easy to exit as a one club man, eventually you have to get edged out


Dzeko has missed an open goal from 5 yards, it’s the miss of the season.

He is getting jeered to the hilt now.


I hate him


Dzeko makes amends and opens the scoring.

Takes it well on the chest and finishes clinically.




I hate him too, mate.


Salah just scored an extraordinary goal, it’s 4-0.

Salah with two and Keita with the other.




The Washing Machine is making his return now, pal.


Dzeko’s miss from earlier.