Roma Thread


Dzeko has been immense. He’ll destroy the Irish next week.


Salah out for 4-6 weeks with torn ankle ligaments.


Destro equalises from the spot in the late stages of the game.

2-2 the game is being played on a near water logged pitch which certainly doesn’t help us.


Hey nembo kid, i found this today at home.u seem an alrite sort and i admire your passion for sport if you want me to post it on pm me bud<img src="/uploads/default/original/2X/8/894e638993c0412db47d9205f72f6d83e3c280a4.jpg" width=“690” height="387src


Careful @Nembo_Kid, he might be talking about the weights.


We won’t win the league with soft players like Pjanic and Dzeko in our side.


Despite getting spanked 6-1 last night a win against BATE will see us through to the last 16.

We don’t have a defence, 31 goals conceded in 18 games this season.

Absolutely imperative we get a starting right back and centre back in January. Bruno Peres and Benatia would be the preferred options. Szczesny is shit as well but it’s unlikely we will get a new keeper in January. I’d bring De Sanctis back in as he commands his defence a lot better than the square head clown.


Noticed that only one Italian started for Roma last night. That’s a shame…


Benatia move was a disaster.


Good to see Castan back in defence today.


1-0 down after Digne makes a horrible defensive error.

Garcia OUT.



Fucking boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!


Signing out




I’m wavering.


That’s the end for Garcia I’d say.

Capello is the man for me.




Torino equalise in injury time.

Garcia out.


Stumble into the last 16 virtue of a 0-0 draw with BATE.

Garcia will hopefully be out of a job this time next week after Napoli do us.


I see Messi banged in a few goals against Roma a few weeks back. Can’t really read too much into scoring a few goals in a 6-1 win over a piss poor Italian side.