Roma Thread


Assume that Garcia will be sacked by the end of the day


We will probably wait until after the Genoa game at the weekend but I would assume he won’t see 2016.


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Daje Roma!!!


Nembo, should I bump the Giddy thread, or do you want to do it?

this is the best Christmas present ever.


Oh it’s the best Christmas I ever had, Spalletti started this about 8 or 9 years ago, when we were nothing - no money to spend on anyone, wingers from Anderlecht (on loan) - chumps from Siena - and he made us believe.

We are now genuine contenders for the Champions League - DAJE ROMA!!!




I said these exact words when my employer said he heard accusations of me stealing from him - he didn’t know what to say.


Another 3 goals conceded. 3-3 draw away at Chievo, 2-0 and 3-2 leads blown.

Garcia out!!


Garcia out!


The press can’t seem to decide whether we’re signing Perotti or El Shaarawy. I’d much prefer the latter but given the way Roma have been doing their deals of late the former looks the more likely.


A new era begins this weekend, I’m absolutely made up to have the great Spalletti back in our dugout, I look back fondly on his previous regime and I hope this can be even better.

The transfer window will likely see three players brough in:

A centre back: Acerbi and Tonelli are the names suggested here

A full back: Adriano, De Sciglio and Criscito are the names here

A winger: Perotti looks the likely candidate here. Looks like a potential El Shaarawy deal is off.

In other news, it looks like we are letting young sensation Gerson out on loan for the remainder of the season to Frosinone, he just arrived in this window in a €16m deal.

There is also talk that Gervinho will be shipped out with Garcia now gone.

Here’s Gerson in action:


Roma stadium is shit. Do you head there much?Was there about 8 years ago *(ttotti scored) but its piss poor venue in fairness
’hence the scarf i ware insea geimhradh


The curva is the best thing in world sport. Fun time is a legend there


A come on ffs. As soccerball goes nothing like a gud compact ground


I give you my word mate


It was regiana bud tis a bad eg in ifairness but the atomsphere there was bad. Wasnt full house and prob needs to be. Cant bate a tight ground filbert st the den, the del ha, or the lane (biased there)


The Roma kit is class.


I think we were discussing De Sciglio and his poor form recently but I saw him again last week in that game against Roma and he was horrific. Did he have a bad injury? He looks a shell of the player he once was, never mind how good he looked like becoming.



He’s had a lot of injuries but nothing serious. I think the drain of confidence at Milan has been contagious.