Rome derby October 16th 7.45pm

Missing our inspirational leader is a crushing blow, time and time again Totti has proved decisive in the derby. It saddens me that he won’t be around to purge them again. I hope the great man is in the stands and idenifiable to his team mates where they can look towards him in-game and draw inspiration from his peerless figure.

Will need Daniele to keep his excellent form up and there will be a big onus on Pjanic to step into Totti’s role. Francesco was lavishing praise on Pjanic today, saying his lack of pace doesn’t matter because he thinks quicker than most other people. Must be a very humbling moment for Pjanic, having your skipper say that about you.

Any plans for the game lads?

I presume this is live on ESPN?

I’ll probably give TASE a shout and see which Italian eatery in Malahide will benefit from our custom tomorrow evening. I think and hope De Rossi will drive us on in the absence of the great man.

I see Klose is playing with Lazio now?

Joined on a Bosman over the summer, has scored a few goals already

The derby will go ahead tonight depsite widespread violence in the capital last night between the two sets of fans.

met rocko today for an espresso to discuss this game- he isnt as bullish as me

I had the pleasure of a chance meeting with TASE in Fingal earlier. He’s understandably nervous but has arranged a meet-up in Malahide later where we’ll be watching the game in Ciao in the Italian quarter.

Good choice. Which channel is showing this game? I’ll be in a pub to go and see it, 2001-2002 shirt on my back.

It’s on ESPN.

And Setanta Ireland I believe.

Thanks, my dusky old pal.

The volume of the AS Roma fanbase on TFK is a really touching sight!

We’re going for our sixth derby win a row tonight lads.

Nothing strange about a high level of support for anti-fascism

Who is the token eagle on here?


[size=“2”][color="#828282"]Lazio: [/size][size=“2”][font=“Arial”]Marchetti; Konko, Biava, Dias, Radu; Gonzalez, Ledesma, Brocchi; Hernanes; Cisse, Klose[/font]

[font=“Arial”][color="#828282"]Roma:[/font][font=“Arial”] Stekelenburg; Rosi, Heinze, Kjaer, Josè Angel; Gago, De Rossi, Perrotta; Pjanic; Bojan, Osvaldo[/font][/size]

Daje Osvaldo!

What composure!!!

That was a lovely ball from Pjanic there.

Perrotta and Osvaldo on yellow cards after just 6 minutes. Think Perrotta should be withdrawn at half time, get Simplicio on.

What a guy Osvaldo is, just saw the t-shirt message he revealed in the celebration.

What a tribute to his captain! :clap:

Very slack defending there. Lucky to get away with it, sloppy pass from Pjanic that started it.