Ronaldo becomes a father

The World Cup may have ended in disappointment for Cristiano Ronaldo but the Portugal captain has reason to smile after recently becoming a father.The Real Madrid forward announced on Sunday that he had exclusive custody of the baby boy, born in June to an anonymous American.

The news appeared on Real’s website and Ronaldo’s Twitter and Facebook pages.

“It is with great joy and emotion that I inform I have recently become a father to a baby boy,” said Ronaldo.

The 25-year-old, who captained his country to the last 16 in South Africa before Portugal were knocked out by Spain, is not married.

“With the agreement of the mother, who wishes to remain anonymous, I will have exclusive custody of my son,” added the world’s most expensive footballer.

“I request everyone to fully respect my right to privacy [and that of the child] at least on issues as personal as these are.”

Portuguese newspaper Correio da Manha reported on its website on Sunday that Ronaldo’s mother, Dolores, and his sisters Elma and Katia, were dealing with the paperwork necessary to bring the child to Portugal.

It seems the news has come as light relief for the former Manchester United forward who said he felt like a “broken man” following his side’s 1-0 second-round defeat by Iberian neighbours Spain.

The Spain defeat completed a disappointing tournament for Ronaldo, who failed to reproduce his scintillating club form for Portugal.

Most random news story I have ever read.

Bit of a Ricky Martin to this story no?

Not sure I see the randomeness Shan?

Footballer gets some tart pregnant, hardly a shocking news story.

Whats strange about it for me is the fact she wants nowt to do with the child.

Seems Ronaldo has let Nani look after the child when he has a game for madrid.

people will possibly bets on if he will be a full international!!

What country was he born if they are trying to bring him to Portugal? I assume Spain

Im sure someone is working on that as we speak over where I work. :lol: I would presume he was born in the Usa.

apparently he is already a top notch dribbler

Presume yer wan did it for the money, he’s paid her off and thats the end of it.

I know its his but he essentially just bought a baby. Your one probably got a few million quid for her troubles and rid of a shit filled baby.

I’d be tempted to say that that was too easy but it had to be said

Gay as Christmas it seems. Serious parralells with the Ricky Martin baby situation.

Footballer Cristiano Ronaldo paid a surrogate mother to have his baby son, it was claimed today.

Daily newspaper Diario de Noticias said it understood the baby was conceived by the surrogate at the end of last summer in San Diego, where Ronaldo was on holiday.

It gave no further details of the claim.

The boy was born weighing 9lb 8oz on June 17 while the star was at the World Cup in South Africa.

It is believed he is being looked after by the former Manchester United winger’s family on the Algarve in southern Portugal.
Ronaldo’s sister Katia Aveiro said her brother was ‘very happy about becoming a father’.
According to reports, the baby was born as the result of a fling with an American woman, who has been paid to stay anonymous.

The youngster is the spitting image of his famous father, with brown eyes and a shock of brown hair, his sister revealed.
Speaking at one of the family’s homes in Vilamoura, on the Algarve, Katia told Diario de Noticias: 'He has brown eyes and brown hair like Cristiano.

'He’s very happy, of course! Who isn’t happy having children? The baby looks like him, although he’s still very small to see what his features will be like.

‘He’s very calm, he just eats and sleeps.’

Katia said her own sons Rodrigo, nine, and four-month-old Dinis ‘are very happy’ with the new arrival.

She said her brother will reveal his son’s name ‘when he returns from Madrid’, where he is said to be working.

State television channel RTP claimed the boy, who was born 53 cm in length, will be called Ronaldo.

its probably cheaper for him in the long run to offer her a lump and let his entourage raise the kid than to allow her to suck him dry for the nest 20 years

all a bit fucked up and creepy though

Child is 25/1 to play for Portugal, 33s for Real and 66s for United.

Very hard to make a punt on this without knowing the pedigree of the dam line