Rory McIlroy, Number 2 golfer in The World and US Open 2024 runner up

I think you can treat women poorly without being abusive physically towards them.

He left his girlfriend to go after Wozniacki without even having the decency to discuss it with her. He left Wozniacki by phone call while engaged. Obviously no details have came out about the divorce news so probably unfair to speculate.

All’s fair in love and war, as they say.

Rors just needs to get back to the bread and butter of chipping shots into a washing machine. He’d be winning majors in no time after getting the head right slotting a few Whirlpools.

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To be fair to Rory he has probably led a fairly cossetted and sheltered life at a young age, which probably has led to poor decisions in his adult personal life as a result. I’d imagine he is probably a bit of an oddball like most child prodigies (no offence @glenshane)


Shur how could I take offence…a ‘bit’ of an oddball is practically a compliment at this stage of the game


I’d be stretching my tfk remit by judging him on his relationship etiquette. I was merely pointing to it as a potential reason for his capitulation. We all want the best for Rors and just want to help him reach his potential.

Rory just needs to remind himself he gets paid tens of millions for playing golf. That should put a pep back in his step.

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He just needs a few weeks off first.

Money can’t buy you happiness.

Playing for team Ireland at the Olympics will put a pep jack in RORS step

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Wonder how Greg Allen is coping last few days? I suspect he’s in a dark room looking at framed photos of Rory.


Rory has managed to get out of the darkened bedroom at last

We saw with Rory at the US Open last month and President Trump last night. One inch can really make all the difference.


One inch? Bloody hell.


Rory is after changing his mobile number. He must have missed that text I sent him about All Ireland tickets.

Anybody got his new number?