Roscommon Under 21 Supporters Thread

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Boylesports will regret their 11/2 quote and their 5 point handicap line

All aboard the Rossie Express

not a rivalry

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TDB is some character in fairness…

The possibility of handy money however, is always welcome. The ideal result would be beating the spread.

The thoughts of Junior Rossie on here Monday spouting his usual shite is nauseating…

Cunts, to a man … :guns:

Dublin 1-6 Roscummon 0-11 'bout 40 mins played. 'hon the scum

Delighted for yiz.

Jacks gracious as ever in victory I see

There wasn’t a Roscommon man among them Laz.

Loads of Saxon- sounding names on that Dublin u-21 team - Dawson, Hudson, Seaver, Reddin. Schutte sounds like the remnant of some Nazi exile as well. When did GAA in Dublin become such an upper class thing, or was it always this way? That Dublin side could easily be confused with a rogbee football line-up.

GAA in Dublin is all-inclusive, I know that is something you have a problem with.

Congrats to the lads today, the future is very bright indeed for Dublin football.

Roscommon gave a good account of themsevles today and should be proud of what they achieved being a small, unfashionable county. They put Dublin to the pin of their collars and were 1/3 at one stage to win when they were a few points up in the second half…