Rotten Apple


he forgot to log out/in


codegreen is Dooley and Applecrumbled


and NYC


You were admitting to them yesterday :smiley:


Everybody is @Robert_Emmet anyways, so it’s literally all the one.


So @chocolatemice is @Dooley, @AppleCrumbled, @codegreen and @NewYorkCity? Next ye will be trying to say he’s @Robert_Emmet


I wouldnt mess with him bro.


Did you ever observe someone of below average intelligence? He seems to be a decent bit thicker than that.


Would he have been in the D class in school?


I didn’t go to school. I’m here to learn off of geniuses like yourself and @Bandage who seem to be changing the world, while spending their life on the Internet trying to rise lads they don’t know. Cocksuckers.


I’m watching both of you interact and yes I agree.






Jaysus its worse than we thought


I know, imagine not being able to discuss your county’s chances in a game because the older boys would laugh at you.
They’re some shower of halfwits.

Sure if Tipp, Kk or cork were playing we’d have each other wound up to an inch of our lives but I suppose the lads aren’t used to success.


Unbelievable, on a (mostly) anonymous forum, it beggars belief, that @Robert_Emmet fella should run for politics if he could persuade them to go for that.


This runs deep. We’ll lose about 30% of our Limerick membership by end of the week. And that’s based off about three people leaving.


Ye need to get over this lads, the Limerick private chat has already moved on to 2020 and our 3 in a row title defence, please keep up ffs


You have to laugh really. Lads who’d stab each other in a church now joining forces to try and get a dig in.


Meanwhile we revel in the glory of the Greatest All Ireland ever won. You literally couldn’t make it up.