Rotten Apple


Honestly now mate, if any other ‘collective’ here tried the same you wouldn’t think it was odd??
What was he reason again?


You just answered your own question.


Did I?


Yup, alas the loss of the ignore function was the worst thing to hit this place had it not happened then this entire episode would have been avoided


To drive lads demented.


Which it 100% absolutely did and still is doing! :laughing:


You can safely say now that anybody who was ‘driven demented’ is having a great laugh at the recent events, every cloud and all that :rofl:


An all Ireland run and win usually leads to great unity among TFK county posters. The Limerick boys are in full meltdown with each other. Fascinating to watch.


No, you have that totally wrong. Everyone is completely rattled because limerick won. No one knows what to do and they’re all laughing at us because we’re all so rattled. The all stars will make it worse. The media darlings will get their awards and the limerick team will be shafted. But they won’t mind, because they really don’t care. Everyone else will be rattled over it tho.


You sound rattled lad


Of course. Rattled beyond belief.


It looks very much to me and id be a good judge of things like this, that a few of the halfwits here take the internet very very very seriously.


Stick stick is taken so seriously here that one must assume we have a load of Intercounty hurlers on the forum. Normal fans wouldn’t get this wound up, surely.


:rofl::rofl: The weirdest fucking cunts on the INTERNET. There is a serious point here where @applecrumbled is good for a tip but these @Dooley and @codegreen cunts are good for nothing. If anything ever happened to Apple there’d be a hit taken out on dooley and codegreen by the Monaghan provos and those lads are scared of nothing only losing money.

I call on whoever runs the HBV twitter to start a codegreen Twitter and drive the prick over the line.


The Provos are all pensioners now mate they would be thankful to piss straight let alone shoot.


Truth be told even us Limerick lads are rattled that we won it. So in truth everyone is rattled beyond belief.


The actual players don’t get this would up !!
Sure them lads were giving interviews left right and centre.But our fucking gommies here couldn’t bring themselves to discuss the upcoming match.
You couldn’t make it up.


Tradition counts for a lot


Twas fellas like yourself with your merciless slagging that caused it, they couldn’t be putting up with that, imagine if they had lost and they were after expressing a bit of confidence in the boys.


It does, and a bit of respect for each other. But lads not from the traditional hurling counties wouldn’t understand.