Rotten Apple


They would still be posting on the private forum if they had lost


Why had they a gagging order?


Because of the 07 roar.


Good, I’m delighted my name was mentioned earlier too in being one of the cunts that the Limerick mute-boys were scared of. I hope I ruined it online for the dumb fucks.


An orchestrated, self-imposed gagging order, on an internet forum.

Absolute oddballs.





@Robert_Emmet is some man.


Good for nothing on the Internet. Ah man you need to get back to reality, I drive you mad, ha ha its gas. Il continue to do so. How’s Internet life working out for you anyway making friends? They’ll be studying about lads like you in 100s of years. Tank the plank.


@Tank is one, wanting other lads to open up a fake twitter account of me. Open it up there is what I say. One for every day of the week. . As if I would be bothered. Tells me some lads mentality.


You need to log off for a few hours.


Its very hard to keep a track of the lesser known Limerick posters we could really do with a who’s who. Is codegreen the lad who has the dirty fingernails and was thrown out of the paddy power xmas party ?


Was he not the one who posted about a job interview in Dublin in the International Business travel thread?


I’d never post an event from my daily life on this. I send real pictures to my friends. My fingernails are only dirty when their up your wans filthy cunt.




Wait for this gomie :point_down:


Not sure. Or was he the fella who packed in the job after a few days because he couldn’t get the day of the hurling final off?


Ah I have you now. She says hi


Did that happen on the PM??? One minute he was after picking up a great job in a trendy multinational with free lunches, hugs and a foosball table, next he’s doing the door in Smyths. But he has the Limerick beanie and the screensaver of Deccie holding the cup to keep him warm.


You Galway lads are fierce rattled over this