Rough(ish) birds that you would get up on (any lady who looks like she's had a wash recently)


How bout Mickey D.
What’s he look like?




Looks like something out of a Roald Dahl novel.


The looks aren’t important here.
How do Japanese people tend to be in your world view? Italians?

How would you classify their tendencies Sidney?


I’m just going to leave this here and let everyone digest it.



Japs blur out their porn, I don’t trust them, they never wanted the world to see what weapons they had/have.


I’m going to say that’s a tipp woman. Possibly bansha.




Ya raw fish, they are determined to do things backwards there. Killing dolphins and feeding it to school kids, mercury poison. I was there before with my rugby team, sex posters all around the city, and they had a poster up saying Ireland will there ever be peace. I was like Wtf a touch of North Korea about them.


You reckon it’s digested or spat out?


It looks like mulally, you sick fuck.


So now you’re saying “the looks” aren’t important, even though you started this whole INTERNET debate based on such?

The Japanese are mostly grand, mate.

Italians tend to be very good at long INTERNET debates.

But again, it’s not a characteristic that’s unique to them - I’m Argentine and also very, very good at them, as I’m displaying here.

These debates unfortunately tend to be long because the other participant is a thick gobshite who doesn’t know when they’re out of their depth.


Fair I would have absolutely no interest whatsoever in visiting any part of Asia. Holds absolutely no gra for me at all


You spend a lot of time debating on the internet while simultaneously being sarcastic about debating on the INTERNET.


Assuming debating the same as telling people they’re wrong while insisting you’re right?


Yes and flip flopping around your narrative while googling facts. It’s the way it’s gone these days


A sad pitiful tragic state of affairs, almost to be pitied


So we are saying you’d ride Derval but only if you could Dutch oven her after?


@Esteban_de_la_Sexfac made a Dutch bet and lost big time here.

It’s tremendous fun seeing Shaney, the forum punchbag, coming in to try and bail him out.


There’s no winner here.