Rough(ish) birds that you would get up on (any lady who looks like she's had a wash recently)


Would you come on to fuck and reply you windy prick


You should be apoldergising to the forum. Your posts here tonight might as well have been plucked out of your nether regions.


Bad Dutch puns just make us Groningen.


Stop clogging the thread with this .


You can kiss my hairy hoop with your two lips


A lot of lads windmilling here.


This thread has gone very flat. Dam


That’s about as gouda reply as I’ve read


You’re some tulip. The bulb clearly hasn’t lit up in your head yet.


He can talk the talk but can he van der valk


I’d love to go to the Netherlands someday. Wooden shoe?


There’s schipol to do over there.


Oranje very witty


In fairness it’s probably the one place where sid could get some


While you’re there you can have pints of Whineken.


You need to love more Sid, less of the Hague.


He needs to take his thumb out


You should shove yours down your Gullit.


Fuck this shit


You sittard it.