Rough(ish) birds that you would get up on (any lady who looks like she's had a wash recently)


No. I was thinking he’d be a good guinea pig



If you swapped the hair they’d look identical.


Kim whatever from outta breaking bad.
A curious creature. Prim, proper, clever and cool. Likes a beer, loves sorry Saul but is clearly no mug. You’d fancy your chances but would’nt take anything for granted. Whatever about the face she takes great care of the body. Formidable and vulnerable.
You definitely would


:clap: a great call.


Charlotte Dawson.


She’s brown bread pal. I think you should set up another thread for this carry on.


Cause of death: Suicide by hanging.

Unusual for a woman.


birds whos bones you’d rattle?


The friends of Jimmy Saville thread





This lad loves objectifying women - spends hours at it — the rest of the time he is telling them what they can and cant do with their body - he’s a sick fuck.


They shall not abort but he’ll dig them up for a root?


I wouldnt dare try and read his mind - it’s a dark, depraved place.


Not exactly the same lady now is it?



Late Late Show - Tubridy Terror


She had a fine set of teeth on her in fairness


When I read bottomless brunch I thought they were into aetin their breakfast wearing nothing from the waist down. #roasteralert


you wouldn’t know what to be ateing if you ordered the kippers