Rough(ish) birds that you would get up on (any lady who looks like she's had a wash recently)


I actually feel bad for logging her in this thread. She deserves better. A sound girl too.

Look at the baps :heart_eyes:


Would Laura qualify also for the auld birds thread ? She must be borderline at this stage


Not rough




Google says 41. Four more years til she’s eligible for senior hurling so.


A fine thing. Lovely throaty laugh and gives the impression if you caught her at the right time, she’d go inzaghi.


A man after me own heart KP


I dunno where to put this one but twould be hard to get anything done with her around the place…Orly Levy





Unrale lad


What in the name of Jaysus is she doing in this thread?


I’m a bit like you, I don’t bother taking any notice of thread titles I just throw in shit wherever I want…just not as much as you


You’re a tad more retarded though.


Agreed. She should be in the Auld Birds thread


Only a tad though you fucktard.


Only fractionally




She’s pitching hard to starboard captain


She’s gorgeous. Who is she?


This is a noble fucking thread.