RTE vs FAI - Which is the bigger shambles?

A time honoured TFK tradition. Throw it all out here. And a poll to determine things.

  • Financial mismanagement
  • A former staple of Irish society
  • Inept Leadership
  • A staggering sense of entitlement
  • Bailed out by the government when needed

So many things unite these 2 basket cases of organisations. Which of them is the bigger shambles?

  • RTE
  • FAI
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Or Console. Or Goal. Or Bóthar. etc
Paddy can’t be trusted to manage our affairs.

This is a tough one.

I find that after everything that happened with the FAI, and with them being effectively bailed out, that we had a situation such as yesterday where the CEO explained how he got 12k of holiday payments on the basis of a joke email!

Nobody stopped this ‘joke’ of course.

It’s just mind blowing.

What is this about?

I made a few jokes to the boss there as well about a payrise, will report back if it works

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I picked both

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RTÉ. Certainly at the moment.

RTE technically isnt a shambles. Its just a load of people creaming the fuck out of the place.

Delaney however ran the FAI into the grounds lining his own pockets, and has left behind a complete shitshow of a set up, one that is now seeing us lose Tyrone fenians to the North.

Its the FAI.

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Rte is a complete shambles. They realised it was a shambles and brought forbes in to right the ship. She cut programming everywhere and cannibalised the institutional knowledge of how to make tv. Drama, kids programmes all shut down or paired back severely. Nearly all that is bought in now. And as is now obvious they saved fuck all money as she and her mates filled their boots.
Was reading last night that the 2 producers managed to register as artists and got paid extra for ‘writing’ toy show the musical. This despite there being a tonne of actual writers involved. Fucking shitshow.


If my sources are correct and they usually are the ihrb scandal will be much much worse than the two combined.

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It wont mate and you know it. Everybody has a stake in Rte. Weve all watched it and listened. We know the people. Football is the biggest sport in the world. Horse racing is a small minority hobby. Most people dont give a fuck.


Look at the splash the Gordon Elliott photo made. Nobody does scandals like horse racing.

That is the real fucking annoying part to it. By all accounts lower level staff too were treated like shit in terms of pay cuts etc, while those more senior filled their boots. Disgusting and someone needs to be made an example of. I hope the Revenue go after your one O’Keeffe and fleece her.

I cant wait for Duffy to fall.

He’s packing it in when his contract is up. Joe’s not going back to moaning for €200k a year

thank you @BruidheanChaorthainn

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I’ll take that but a little bit of gravy would really sweeten it. Let’s wait and see.