Rugby- 2017 and onwards


Some of us still are


Zebo will be found out quickly in france. Turnstile-esque.


He’ll be grand, contract will have been signed by then. Wasn’t found out on the International stage, he’s a LOIN remember.


Some of the stuff iv read online about zebo tells me he is an awful little dangerous bollox of a young fella. That’s usually enough for me so good riddance to the fucker.


Treviso have won 3 of 6 league games so far vs 5/22 in entire of last year (two of which were against Zebre).

Three league games beaten away to munster and glasgow two best teams in their conference. Beaten a point by toulon last weekend.

Significant improvement

You forgot to bold the piece where I said McKinely had quakified through residency. Hes been living in italy for close to 5 years and lived there before resuming his playing career as an amateur player


Inthe land of the blind the one eyed man is king


You’re claiming that Italian rugby is improving significantly based on a few early season league wins against shit teams, with some blow in being their star player.

That’s absolutely hilarious.

Claiming that Italian rugby has made “great strides” is one of the great rugby cliches. It’s like hurling people who claim that “the game is growing hugely”, despite Offaly and Antrim completely falling off the radar and hurling in Ulster being all but extinct. It bears no resemblance to reality.

Italy are well behind where they were four or five years ago when they actually had a couple of half-decent wins against shit French and Irish teams in the Six Nations, which is the only mini-blip in a history of consistent shitness since they joined the Six Nations in 2000. They still play turgid rugby, they still rely on non-natives, and they’re still shit.


Correct. Glad we have settled that


That’s the trade off for a thriving domestic rugby scene.


Is there transfer fees in rugby or do players just move at the end of contracts ?


Pretty much always move at end of contract. Has been some instances where fellas left before end of contract and a release fee might have been paid , essentially a transfer fee, but amount wouldnt be disclosed.

No idea how they are keeping a lid on it really. Contracts are much shorter in general than football one reason maybe


“As a dad, Jake’s father, I think would I put my kid into a game? It’s beautiful to watch a fella playing a skilled game, learning skills, as opposed to, what do I tell Jake about getting as big as he possibly can and running over each other?”

Rugby player derides rugby and questions whether he will allow his son play the game at all.

Games gone man.


Who is Jake’s father ?




He will be getting FOTF status with statements like that. But he might just be having the craic? You never know with Donners because he is a gas man.


Its no joking matter when it comes to your childers safety chief.


100 posts about Zebo moving teams? Rugby is box office.


@gilgamboa any comment on the fact that even Rugby players realise there’s no skill involved in the game


He will actually make a good commentator and sports guy turned journo.

He is a very consuderate fella


The haters love it.

The amount of time nemo and TSG spend in Cork GAA and otger threads is hilarious