Rugby- 2017 and onwards


I’m sure there’s no skill in what you do either but shure it’s a living.


how long do I spend in Cork GGA threads? I doubt I have more than 5 posts in that thread


woah woah woah

It takes a lot of skill for Julio to supress his ethics and morality to become a corporate lickspittle mate


The snowflakes spend their time on here going around looking for things to be outraged about.


Donners thinks the physicality has gone through the roof in the last three years and everyone is talking about it this season.


He’s got a ringside seat for the insanity this year, thats for sure. I think he said something like 16 of their squad reported with injuries last Monday, ahead of the Connacht game. He’s no fool Donncha, despite the perception.


Two concussions a week in training alone.




Only a matter of time before the insurers step in and put an end to this madness.


You go in there at all.

Thats the fucking point.

You never see me in racing or shamrock rovers threads


I hear the Nemo manager looks through the Cork GAA thread on his smartphone, finds any posts insulting them, and then nails the phone to the dressing room door before matches as motivation.

And how it worked this year.


Wait til Zebo arrives and you’ll be in there the whole time


Not sure what that means


The racing thread


Still means nothing


I can’t help you anymore


I get it.

One of the worst puns ever but I get it


There’s a young lad after coming on as a sub here for Leinster, Larmour is his name. He’s like a rocket.


Was an unreal try. He was the star of the irish U20s last yr


I just flicked on as he scored that try, ‘‘twas like a young Brian O’Driscoll