Rugby- 2017 and onwards


Ferris is an awful example of the danger of head injuries in sport


The IRFU doing what it takes to hold onto their man


The rubby crowd have been pulling their thick sons into jobs for decades.


Yorkie boys. Thick but rich.


The small financial services industry in limerick was riddled with it. Could not buy a house, get the loan or insure it without meeting a rugby head.
I recall Keith Wood spent a couple of years at the counter in the Irish permanent on o’connelly st, back in the days when he had hair before taking rugby seriously.



Clever ad.

That’s a class backing tune too.



No darkies or foreigners - All white middle class Irish names.

What about the Bundis and other foreign chaps that want to move here for two years and then represent their country?



Well its Tadhg Furlong, Rory Best, Tiernan O’Halloran and Conor Murray, a player from each of the 4 provinces. I suppose the chances that a player on the Irish team will have an Irish name are a bit elevated.


I couldnt tell you who they are , mate … why didnt they have a South African baby or a NZ baby? - Are you telling all those black babies born outside of Ireland to bury their dream of some day putting on the green jersey and singing Ireland’s call?


You’re trying too hard.


That’s fairly mild, pal… i can go up another 5 / 6 notches easily.


Sure as long as you’re keeping yourself entertained then plug away. It’s all a bit harmless


Cracking game between Leinster and Glasgow on TG4 YouTube. 7 tries after 45 mins. 31-21 to Glasgow


South Africa Rugby confirm Johann van Graan will take up his role as Munster’s new head coach on 20 November.


Hes been in ireland for weeks I believe. Just waiting on work permit to come through


I would have thought a few weeks was ample time to qualify for an Irish rugby passport.


Whats one of them yokes?


Ask BJ Stander and Bungee Akataki