Rugby- 2017 and onwards


Is it the same as a passport? Or is there a special one that allows you carry out soggy biscuit competitions at the drop of a hat?


Not sure pal , you’ll have to ask the two boys.


Mike seems to be the one in the know here


Bundee is in.

Ireland: R Kearney; A Conway, R Henshaw, B Aki, J Stockdale; J Sexton, C Murray; C Healy, R Best (capt), T Furlong, I Henderson, D Toner, P O’Mahony, S O’Brien, CJ Stander.


I have never heard of Jacob Stockdale in my life.

Still, only two non Irish in the Irish side, progress.



Has there been any other players who played intercounty SHC and won an Irish cap?



The Shinty boys love the caps.




Did Brian Rigney play senior championship hurling with Laois ??



No, that was his brothers Niall and Des. I’d doubt Brian ever even hurled senior with Portlaoise. Both Niall and Des did play with Greystones though iirc.


Sub hooker Rob Herring is a new name to me.


Yep, thats another I’ve never heard tell of in my life either. I presume Cronin is injured?


Dropped according to indo.


He should have gone home many years ago, they’ve blackguarded him there. Imagine playing that utter cunt Strauss ahead of him.


Sounds a bit fishy


Is Bundee away ahead of the others vying for that position or are there others who could do a job.


Did bundee jump the queue ?


Did I not just ask that?


I see there’s an Irish fella starting for Italy?

Rugby might as well do away with national teams and just pull names out of a hat for 10 teams.


Thats a real good news story bro.