Rugby- 2017 and onwards


Which? The Irish fella ? see comment below it


You’d only be delighted for him. He joins a select band of Irishmen who view themselves as Italians.


It’s still a bizarre rule — 3 years and you’re in ?


Do these lads have to get passports for the country they now represent?

cc @GeoffreyBoycott


Ned Byrne only All Ireland Hurling winning medalist (1972 with Kilkenny) to be capped for Ireland. May be other inter county hurlers, non All Ireland winners who were capped for Ireland but can’t think of any off the top of my head. Don’t think Brian Rigney hurled intercounty for Laois, but I’m open to correction on that if he did.


Its changing to 5 bro.

Of course. But they’d be entitled to them anyway under the residency rule surely?


I don’t know bro – It must be awful to cut ties with your home country and have to rip up your passport


How long was Offaly man Joe McKenna living in Limerick before he got the call for the Limerick hurling team?


What nationality was Joe?


Don’t know anything about his passport status.


You said he was an offaly man - Do I take it he was Irish so ? - So you’ve a gripe with Irish men in Ireland playing an Irish sport? - You want each county to be treated like a separate country? Bizarre Boycott - very strange logic.


Only a cunt would do that to his passport. Cant you hold more than one?


I don’t know bro -

Is it possible for rugger lads to represent more than 2 countries?


I know its possible for footballers to do so anyway


More than 2, bro?




I asked can rugger player hypothetically play for more than 2 countries - live in another country for three years and play for them … I don’t know what you’re getting at with football … once you play a competitive game with a country you can’t play for another AFAIK?


I dunno bro.


I’m just curious, bro - No motive


How many non irish in total has Schmidt capped do you think?