Rugby- 2017 and onwards


I believe Eire player Ciaran Clark played underage U20 for England before switching to Eire.


You can only play for one country bro. Can play for underage sides in one place and senior elsewhere but that’s broadly the rule. It was different 20 yewrs ago


Cheers, bro.


Not strictly true with the new Olympics rules.


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I dont know anything about sevens


You seem to harp on about it quite a bit. Id say less than 10. And of those less than 5 have more than a handful of caps. Stander and Payne onky regulars


Mate that Strauss is an utter prick of a man, stick up for him all you like.


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Dont have any real view on him not sure what hes done to elicit such a view


Racists Ted


It’s changed everything.


Playing the race card is as bad as racism.


Why is there so much outrage over this in the media? He’s not the first player to play for Ireland under this rule is he?


You shouldn’t read INM publications

It is they are driving it. Was same with Stander


I haven’t read anything other than Twitter and here. Kieran McSweeney and a few other sports journos are posting about it. What is the outrage for anyway?


No idea.

Ewan has ratcheted it up on twitter anyways. Financial doping apparently


Strange that none of them were up in arms when Ben Gissing became Irish


It appears to be racially motivated.


He never played for Ireland surely ta fuck