Rugby- 2017 and onwards


Ireland A and part of many touring squads I think


ROG off to New Zealand it seems.


Juxtaposition of aki, a foreigner who happens to be playing in Ireland getting signed up whilst, zebo, Irish born and bred, gets dropped for suggesting he may play abroad next year.
I think it’s appalling myself, but people will forget if aki plays well, and throw bricks if he doesn’t. (he will play well, he’s outstanding)


Superb move for him. Probably taking a hefty paycut for it too


Superb move for us too.


He will do well agreed. Im not a huge fan of the project player approach but until its ruled out then we should not disadvantage ourselves to other countries.


Fair play to him, big step, ballsy move, and not the most obvious step. I’m sure everyone would agree that ROG is a great guy.


Clear to me hes looking for the final string to his bow before he steps into head coach role. Build his network of contacts and base of knowledge of potentially below tbe radar SH players.

Recruitment is a key differentiator at the top level, particulalry picking up unheralded guys on the cheap.


I find it quite disturbing that some of the Munster lads here like Choco and Tim Riggins who were delighted when Stander got the call for Ireland are now up in arms because Aki is playing for Ireland. Sinister reasons behind this I fear.




I thought a man who had recruited 7 wives ( and counting) would understand this better than anyone?


yes, I do mate, but a doler like you that cant keep a job, has a wife who is sick of providing for the family all by herself, and he has destroyed the Oirish economy shouldn’t be talking shit


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Where would he think he’d end up? Head coach in Munster or Connacht maybe? He’d be ignorant enough to run one of the English clubs as well, I suppose


No idea. Dont think hes in a huge rush back to Ireland. Job in England would be a good move in a few years. Id say in his own head his final two coaching roles are Munster and Ireland so dont get there too early.

All about timing though really and good fortune along the way. One poor move and your reputation is in tatters


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