Rugby- 2017 and onwards


His rudeness to Mrs Windsor in 2009 would make him the prime contender to replace Brendan Rodgers when Crystal Palace , WBA or Swansea come calling .


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You’ll always look for the low hanging fruit likes on the Anti Rugby thread.


Zing, that’s a RETORT well done.


Carbery is a wonderfully talented player, but he got his clock cleaned there.


New Zealander got away scot free with a terrible tackle on Stuart Hogg there.


Dave Kearney flying it. cc @caoimhaoin


A smashing try from Fiji there.


Ooooft. Kearney acting the bollocks and Fiji get a breakaway try under the posts. 17-17.


What was that clown Kearney doing, a stupid step 10 yards before he passed the ball. As if he was going to throw on the afterburners. Unless


Bravely saw it out.


Shane Horgan really slapped down* Jacqui Hurley there when RTE’s coverage returned to the studio.

Hurley said as she was interviewing Rhys Ruddock “this is probably one of the best Fiji teams ever to come to Ireland”.

“This is not a brilliant Fiji side, they were very poor last week, they weren’t brilliant today” and immediately went into how Ireland’s mistakes let them back into it rather than anything they did.



Nice of Jackie to thank Richard for the interview afterwards.


Gerry Thornley said during the week: “He’s like a different player when he plays for Ireland”.

He sure is.


Especially ahead of next week’s test against South Africa.



Yer man wants to see a video of a fella bollox naked?


I have the video if ye want it. You can make out its Dave Kilcoyne in it. No other nudity apart from whats in the picture above