Rugby- 2017 and onwards


It does indeed. When I was in the Navy we used to attend the ceremony in Wexford to commemorate Admiral Barry


What a fucking player


It does indeed.


The Jocks and the Aussies are having a right game in Murrayfield.
24-17 to the scotch with 35 to go, 'Straya down to 14.
An entertaining game of rugby :+1:


The scotch let themselves down badly this week not allowing the Aussies to train


At all, or just at Murrayfield?

edit: Either way, that was hardly the cause of Kepu getting the red or Foley missing a handy conversion.


They were fucked out of Edinburgh University where they were training

Anyway good to see the scotch improve before the world cup


They play nice rugby to be fair to them


Extra man really telling now. Another try for Scotland.
Conversion missed, 34 - 17 with 22 to go.


The Aussie prop had a ferocious brainfart .


Stephen Moore bows out .


129 international games in the front row. Fair going.


The Qantas Wallabies clearly have too many islanders playing for them today.


The whites all play soccer now


You see this dynamic at play in New Zealand too where the association football team are called the All Whites and the rugby union football team are called the All Blacks.


Does he have family in Meath or am I imagining that?


I think Galway .


I went to school with somebody from Meath of the same name. Perhaps that’s who you’re thinking of.


Have Scotland ever put 50 points + on one of the big 3 from Southern Hemisphere ? @GeoffreyBoycott


Both parents are irish Galway or Mayo