Rugby- 2017 and onwards


The “Caledonian Cyclone” Byron McGuigan voted Man of the Match.


Great result for the Scotch to retain the Hopetoun Cup, one of international rugby union football’s great trophies.


Both parents are from the home of hurling


I see an irish lady has won world rugby referee if the year award. Joy neville take a bow


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Both parents are from the home of hurling



Absolutely. It’ll look well in the trophy cabinet beside the Centenary Quaich and the Douglas Horn Perpetual Trophy. I’d give them every chance of adding the Calcutta Cup to that bulging trophy cabinet in February as well.



Ah Fro


Seems like it was a spiritual experience for Bundee


there is a strong stench of Pentecostal Christian from him


I’m sure it was, checking his bank account.


So cynical man


How good is he? If all centres were fit, Henshaw / Ringrose best option?


IMO yeah. Hes good but no so good as to jump to top of queue. Main issue is both henshaw and ringrose both best at 13 so might be an opportunity there for him at 12.

Be v interested to see Aki and Ringrose together with Henshaw at full back


He’s better than both of them now imo but Ringrose has potential to be better.


We are back up to 3 in the world rankings.


She has already refereed a full men’s senior international between 83rd ranked Denmark and 95th ranked Norway.


We normally get to number 2 while nó competitions are on at the furthest point from the world cup cycle when it counts the least.


She is no more than 4 years at it. Is pencilled in to referee a challenge cup game next month and just a matter of time before she gets european cup on back of that. Id say within next 18 months she will be pulling in six figure salary annually

Edit. She is v good from what Iv seen


Good luck to her. If it means Gladys from Hi de Hi has to share a bit of the limelight then so much the better.