Rugby- 2017 and onwards


How did she win ref of the year when she hasn’t reffed any big games?


She’s refereed a World Cup final.


She refereed the womens world cup final. Other than that you’ll have to take it up with world rugby who gave out the award


Post reported. A sickening sexist attitude.

A World Cup final is as big as it gets.




Rugby union football has decided a century and more of singing boorish sexist songs needs to be repented for .

What better way to repent ?


I see yer man Geordie Murphy has been sent to Ulster.


Sorry, Jordi Murfi


Clermont giving Saracens a bit of a hiding in the re-fixed game on BT1 now


Thats what they get for pissing them off.


The tans are clean and clear fucked. Top players getting flogged to death. Ben Youngs has played every weekend this season his opposite number last weekend was playing his 6th game


Brilliant interview with stuart lancaster on OTB last night. A very decent man.

He said when he was mulling over the leinster offer he got a text message from Jonny Sexton (who he had never met) asking him what coukd he do to get him over the line, that the players really wanted him.


a) Sexton is some entitled prick for sticking his fucking oar in there.

b) What a fucking two fingers to Leo Cullen from Sexton.

I can’t choose between a & b there, so I’m gonna let my fans choose for themselves


Probably need to hear it in context he told the story in tbh. Id be surprised if Cullen didnt know what Sexton was at. If he didnt it was indeed a poor action


Healy lucky not to be sent off there.


Fucking ref riding Exeter


Grandpa is kicking well for leinster tho.


Utterly and bareback .


Leo in the crowed. Couldn’t help himself needed to see Ringrose up close.


Some victory there :clap:

Didn’t see that coming when Exeter went 17-3 up and Fardy got the yellow card. Tremendous fighting spirit shown by the guys.