Rugby- 2017 and onwards


Considering practically every other rugby player who can walk upright is in there, its still a pretty serious omission, especially given Kidneys Munster roots. Coming from a H Cup final spot last season to not even being good enough to make an Irish squad of this magnitude is a bit of a blow to him. I mean Barry Murphy is in there.

Also no place for Johne or Frank Murphy.


would like to have seen johnny murphy in the squad as he is playing well for leicster at the moment but i think he lacks a bit of pace for test match rugby, frank on the other hand is probably 5th or 6 th in the peaking order of scrum halves (if not lower) i take on board your point but i didn't think that hurley would be included.....


Darcy wont be back IMHO


Hurley has only started two games for Munster this season, hard to pick him on that basis. Frank Murphy is a poor omission alright.


was he in for more surgery


but there are already three in the squad and i wouldn't rate him any better that the three that are already there......

EDIT: I am only after reading back over the squad there and realised that leamy has been named in it despite not playing this season and johnny o conner isn't in it despite his fine form


Yeah think he got new surgery this week. Can't see him playing in the 6N as a result.


I woulda had Frank Murphy in there, could done neither him nor Connacht any harm. Like I said, this is a huge squad, wouldnt have hurt to throw one or two more in.

Dorsh is in serious bother, I'm hearing bad rumours coming out about him if this next operation doesnt go well.


If you're going to play them all at the same time you may as well do it in an A international. The time to blood young players is when you have the core of the first team there. For example there's not much point in putting Sexton in there with O'Leary if Reddan is your first choice scrum half. Sexton needs exposure to Reddan if he's to become a suitable replacement for O'Gara.

Anyway I'm sure most of those guys will get some game time over the series and Fitzgerald will be in with a good shout of starting in the first XV - between himself and Wallace I'd imagine.


bit harsh on frank murphy there puke?

I'd put o'leary ahead of him, and i suppose stringer for experience only.
i'd have him instead of isaac "the crab" boss any day.

maybe hasn't quite hit the form of his leicester days yet, but could come good in time.


i don't think it is that harsh to be honest....reckon o leary and reddan will be our first and second choice with stringer as third choice, boss is probably 4th choice due to he has a bit more experience which would leave frank 5th choice with the likes of keane snd willis behind him again


Did you see Ulster play much this year Puke? Boss is done, toast.


He was always toast

two steps and a pass, wou wouldnt get away with it in J4


fair enough, obviously reddan is the current incumbent so we're talking about a bench spot.
i'd have frank 4th overall, but as i touched on in an earlier post, he's suffering due to the fact that a certain quota of ulster players has to be met.


in fairness pretty much all the ulster team have been poor this season


my sentiments exactly. Never liked nor rated Boss, this shite about his break, dung, he got turned over more times than he offloaded in a tackle.

I dont care how bad Ulster are Puke, Willis looks far more accomplished behind the pack up there.


I honestly thought that Ulster would have a good season last year, what has happened up there is shocking, their crowds are even getting smaller now, they have some great players but don't seem to be able to do anything.

Stringer shouldn't be in the final squad imo, have Boss as 3, he will benefit from the squad time and Stringer can be released to the Magners League to prove his worth, his confidence must be shot to hell.


Agree completely, I always think that if he was born in Ireland that he wouldn't be near any team, but the worst thing is is that he has fantastic potential, bit of decent training to get rid of a couple of habbits he has and he good be good


What drugs are you on?!!! Boss is fucking muck, putting him in the squad over Stringer would be a slap in the face to an experienced campaigner. Stringer has gotten pucks of game time this year and has shown himself to be as asolid a campaigner as ever, the only problem being, that TOL offers more than him, simple as that.

I wouldnt let Boss muck out pigs.


i take on board your opinion mbb but if o leary, stringer and reddan all got a dose of the trots next week and were out of the squad i would bet that boss would be the first man in...i am not saying he is a fantastic player(rate him as around the same as guy easterbuy) but he has more experience than frank murphy and that is why he is currnetly ahead of him in the pecking order....