Rugby- 2017 and onwards


You haven’t. You didn’t even watch the game today.


This was my view today buddy. Now have a think about what you’re reading.


That’s straight of twitter. Infact when you search the game that’s the first photo that comes up.


Is this one there too?




Or this one?


Throw up the Tweets there like a good lad.


Hope you hit Reggie a good dunt.


I was afraid Shovels would deck me. First time I’ve seen a Tipp man look well in a suit


That isn’t even today.


Post up the Twitter link there mate. It was easy enough to find apparently


Just search the game I’ve spoon fed you enough today.


Post it up or else walk away with your tail between your legs like your hero did today


@applecrumbled, have you given up??


No you took those photos off Twitter.


Post up the Tweets then mate to prove me wrong




Hello @AppleCrumbled, are you there?


Can you not search the tweets yourself.


You said they were the first ones that showed up. When you have them so handy then post them up make a fool of me. It’s like Hanrahans first half penalty in front of the posts. All you have to do is hit it…