Rugby- 2017 and onwards


Earls is Irish player of the year I thought?




Did you think musnters attack was good yesterday as they struggled to pass the ball across the field?


Do you think thats all down to the coaching? You cant on one hand say there is no ability in the backs bar zebo and then blame it on the coaching

There are only 3 or 4 players with international standard passing available to Munster. Zebo murray scannell and farrell. The rest dont have the skills


So now your admitting Zebo is going to be a massive loss.


Where did I say he wasnt going to be a loss? He is a very good passer, he is a good open field runner, he has an eye for a try on the other side he is an average defender


Thanks for clarifying that. He’s going to be a massive loss. End of debate.


Zebo is the greatest Irish player of the past 100 years. You’re all racist.


I think my point all along was that he is going to be a loss. Just nothing near the loss you are making out. Back 3 players easily the most expendable in any squad


He’s a massive loss. We’ve produced no home grown outside backs in twenty years bar Zebo and Earls. Next Munsters pack will be made of three munster lads, one Leinster reject, a New Zealander and three boks. Munster aren’t producing the players and the ones they are producing they let go like Zebo.


You can save the crocodile tears the same as Zebo can. If he wanted to stay at home he could. Same as Ryan. They were offered more, life changing, money. They took it, fair play to them, but dont be crying around the place. Dont see any of that shite from Ryan because he knows the score


Bolox. I wish Zebo well but don’t feel sorry for him. Its going to have a massive knock on effect on our performance and our finances. If munster aren’t getting into the knockout phase in Europe they’ll be in trouble again. Without the likes of Zebo and Ryan that’s a lot more difficult. The whole thing stinks. We are Replacing every player with a South African reject, there must be almost eight in the squad now. The management is South African too. Our defense is very good but our attack is out dated and based around the South African model between 07-09. When our pack can’t bully the opposition we are relying on individual pieces of brilliance from the likes of Zebo and Murray. The Munster boks.


3 plus stander
2 in academy on about 15 k a year


Taute and the new backrower the signed last week.


Plus Stander :rofl::joy::rofl:


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