Rugby- 2017 and onwards


That is a serious clamping for @Mac and Glasagushorsepoo


I dont know how they will recover from this.



that’s a clamping



That’s Mac clamped by a completely independent third party.


Every day’s a shool(ed)day


I haven’t seen an emphatic clamping like this since @GeoffreyBoycott destroyed @Juhniallio on the Chelsea thread last night. I hate to raise it, but this is probably rebrand territory for @Mac.


Superb stuff Ac. Terrible that you had to dredge social media to rebut @macs outrageous claims.


After a turbulent few weeks on the free kick for me this could be a turning point.


Fuck sake @AppleCrumbled. Why did you post my Twitter profile for all to see on here?


I always thought the big hook nose was just a silly made up joke until now, I’m sorry for mocking you in the past @mac.


The fucking tulip added it to Twitter half an hour ago, and mentioned the game was yesterday :joy:


You can use (fake) statistics to prove anything now, 40% of all people know that.


Unbelievable scenes. Are you suggesting that after being humiliated over the weekend he took your photo and then uploaded it after the fact to try and win an argument on the internet!


cringe for @Mac


It looks that way unfortunately.


:astonished: :astonished:


Jonny getting a bit of treatment from the Scarlets in the Pro14 final


Payed it back with interest though


He doesn’t hide from it


No he doesn’t